CarMax Testing Home Delivery Pilot Program

08/17/2017 05:39 pm | Posted by Admin

CarMax has announced that it will be testing home delivery of vehicles in Charlotte, N.C. Purchasers of vehicles will no longer have to come onto the lot, with CarMax delivering purchased vehicles directly to a customer’s home.

Consumers will now be able to use the CarMax Home Delivery to find, purchase, finance and test drive and ultimately buy their vehicle without every going into a store. Trade-ins will also be taken into consideration. Charlotte will be the first city CarMax will roll out their new purchasing platform. The pilot program will be rolled out in Charlotte.

Twenty years ago, CarMax decided to adopt a vehicle purchasing program that would provide its customers with an honest and transparent buying experience. The Home Delivery program is an extension of the integrity CarMax has when it comes to purchasing a vehicle from their organization.


CarMax Home Delivery Provides Personal Customer Service

The program provides for a five-day money-back guarantee and a 30-day limited warranty. Home Delivery consumers will also receive personal customer service through the shopping and purchasing process. The customer specialists will also assist with trade-ins and financing. Once the customer picks out their vehicle from the CarMax inventory, it will be delivered directly to the customer’s home or arrange for a test drive. Potential purchasers will also be able to check the features of the vehicle and even determine if the vehicle fits into the garage. Once the vehicle is approved by the customer, the purchase will be completed on the spot.

The test program in Charlotte will allow CarMax to gather information on the consumer experience including any glitches or improvements that could be made to the program. CarMax continues to innovate the process of purchasing a vehicle. Will this concept catch onto purchasers? Time will tell!

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