Top 10 Effective Social Media Strategies for Car Dealerships

08/26/2017 06:59 pm | Posted by Admin

Social media can no longer be an option for car dealerships, it is a requirement.

In 2016, J.D. Power's Autoshopper Study found that 22 percent of people who use the internet during a car search do check social media as part of their search, and that's a number trending upwards. So, how can car dealerships ensure a spot on shopper radar? Here are 10 proven social media strategies.


1.  Use Instagram to target younger audiences.

Millennials tend to hang out more on Instagram than Facebook, and there's truth to the image being worth 1,000 words. Car dealerships can make the most of Instagram by telling stories in series of images and getting creative with posts. Invite the audience in instead of just showing them image after image of potential vehicles.

2. Leverage Facebook ads for maximum exposure.

According to Unified, auto ads perform well on Facebook and garner as much as double the click-through rate of other ads. Coupled with the fact that a large percentage of people of all ages have active Facebook accounts, and the ROI seems fairly self-explanatory.

3.  Create narrative about your brand as well as the vehicles.

People like to deal with people, so make it a little personal. Use social media to convey stories — about the company, about buying journeys and about the cars themselves. Consumers connect more permanently when there's a story involved.

4. Show off the goods on YouTube.

YouTube lets car dealerships create dynamic video and presentation content that goes beyond traditional advertising. This isn't the place for the type of commercial that might run on local television; instead, dealerships can use a YouTube channel to position themselves as reliable experts. Interview finance staff for information about loan processes, have mechanics give top maintenance tips, and let sales staff review the newest vehicles on the lot.


5. Create a process to encourage social reviews.

Consumers trust each other more than advertisers. According to Bright Local, a whopping 91 percent of consumers read reviews online before interacting with local businesses. Car dealerships should let customers know that social reviews are appreciated and make it easy to leave one by include a link or prompt in a post-sales thank you email.

6.  Engage buyers across the funnel on Pinterest.

What's a car dealership doing on a DIY site? Pinterest isn't just for crafts anymore, and the right images can help dealerships garner attention from buyers in all aspects of the sales funnel, especially those just browsing or only just getting interested in a new vehicle.

7.  Run promotions for increased exposure.

Across all social platforms, contests and promotions can mean big exposure. Dealerships can put something of great value up (like a new car), but they can also give away small items such as swag or local event tickets. By asking users to like, share, comment or link to the post, promotions often lead to exponential reach.


8.  Optimize sites and profiles for mobile marketing.

Mobile searches (those performed on a phone or tablet) overtook desktop searches (those performed on a desktop or laptop) in 2016. Car dealerships that aren't leveraging mobile-friendly search terms and platforms will miss out on a growing segment of the market.

9. Understand how to use micromoments.

Consumers reach for their phones constantly — some reports put it at an average of once every 15 minutes! Micromoments are the small pieces of time where consumers grab their smartphone out of habit, boredom or curiosity. By conducting research to understand when buyers are most likely to engage in such moments, car dealerships can position engaging, content appropriately on social.

10.  Create consistent Twitter campaigns.

Finally, Twitter is another social site where auto companies can shine. To perform on Twitter, dealerships must tweet often and consistently. Consider putting someone in charge of the Twitter feed, and don't forgot to test posts at different times of day.



As technology advances and smartphones become one stop portals of car purchases, it's paramount your dealership's online presence reflects these changes and keeps up with your customers. Adapt or surive is the name of the game; Blockbuster Video, Taxi Industry and Hotels industry ignored technology only to be replaced by Netflix, Uber and AirBnb, don't let your dealership fall behind. 

Written by Marcin Migdal - LinkedIn  / Website / Huff

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