Unlock your vehicles potential with myChevrolet APP for Apple Watch

07/20/2017 06:14 pm | Posted by Admin

Chevrolet is giving its owners another option to use their myChevrolet app by making it available on Apple Watch.

Chevrolet owners can now remote start and stop their vehicle, lock and unlock the doors, and activate and cancel the horn and lights through their myChevrolet app on their connected watch.

“Canadians are early adaptors of emerging technologies and embrace technology in everything they do. The use of the myChevrolet app by our owners continues to grow across the entire Chevrolet lineup, so expanding its availability to Apple Watch was a natural next step. It allows us to offer another easy way to manage key vehicle functions remotely,” said Laura Pacey, brand director at Chevrolet Canada.

“Whether you want to cool down your Chevrolet on a hot summer day or locate it after attending a crowded event, Chevrolet owners can now make that choice from their iPhone or Apple Watch.”

Today, nearly 1.4 million Chevrolet owners have downloaded and use the myChevrolet app regularly. Silverado, Malibu and Equinox owners are some of the most active myChevrolet users. Malibu owners alone have used the myChevrolet app nearly 8.5 million times through the first half of 2017, a 44 percent increase over the same time last year.

“The myChevrolet app allows customers to seamlessly interact with their vehicle in a variety of ways, like checking vehicle diagnostics, sending navigation requests or locking the doors,” said John McFarland, director of GM global digital experience.

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