Dealers Overview

Looking for an edge over your competition?
Optimize the customer buying experience!



Technology is a key differentiator when consumers choose their dealer. Two thirds of consumers will chose a dealer (when all else is equal) solely based on a dealer offering their preferred buying experience. What are you doing to optimize the buying experience? platform offers your clients the best experience in the industry at no cost to you, the dealer. Save money and increase productivity by speeding up the financing process. Have your employees focus on generating sales and let our platform handle the rest. 

Platform Benefits

Provide your customer with the best experience

  • The best technology and automation in the industry
  • Reduce your time and their time waiting for an approval. As soon as the application is submitted you will instantly know if the consumer is approved and for how much.

Cut the time from application until funding to minutes! No more waiting!

  • Time it takes to get an approval – Instant
  • Time it takes to negotiate the loan – instant
  • Time it takes to verify client documentation – instant
  • Time it takes to create and provide loan agreements – instant
  • Time it takes to verify signed documentation – instant

Make your consumers comfortable during the process while you approve more clients!

  • Widest credit range in the industry
  • 17 credit tiers from prime to deep subprime. All of your consumers will get access to the same technology and automation regardless of their credit.
  • The system will never decline a consumer based on credit!
  • Rates starting at 5.9% for prime to 34.95% for deep subprime

Interactive Kiosks

Maximize your efficiency and customer experience with of our interactive kiosks. There is a growing number of consumers that prefer using technology platforms instead of speaking to sales people face-to-face. Now you can service both types of consumers!

By placing a rental kiosk in your dealership, it allows your consumer to apply for a loan at their pace & comfort and get an approval instantly. This also saves your time as you get to service these consumers in the way they want to be serviced, while also not spending human resources on competing the credit applications on the consumer’s behalf.

Tablets and kiosks have been proven to increase customer trust and optimize the customer experience. Contact us for pricing.