Lenders Overview

Take control and move towards the future of lending using the next generation technology

Allow Loans.Cars to be your origination platform.

Reduce your origination cost – don’t pay to process a loan application unless it’s funded. Through your own customized inputs into the platform, which only you can access and view, the platform will automate your entire credit adjudication process. You will not be required to pay to process any of the applications which are submitted on the platform, unless you fund it.

Reduce your sales costs

Do you find it difficult to get your foot in to door at a dealership? Loans.Cars has a team dedicated to activating dealerships on the platform. With each activation, you will have access to that dealership. You will no longer be required to recruit and manage your own sales force as we will do the selling for you. As soon you are integrated into the platform, you will have instant access to thousands of car dealerships across the country.

Increase your visibility

Do you find it difficult for a dealership to notice you over other lenders? Since each application is process based on each lenders proprietary parameters, all lenders have an equal opportunity to fund the loan. The best approval wins, instead of the biggest brand name. 

Increase your efficiency – the Loans.Cars platform is the origination platform of the future. You will get access to all of the latest technology in order to automate your entire front end process including loan adjudication, loan negotiation, verification of identity and income, and electronic documentation. The amount of resources required in order to prepare a loan package is greatly minimized as the majority of the process is fully automated.

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