Our Platform

Loans.cars revolutionary software platform is transforming the customer-dealer retail experience. The old way of doing business is no longer accepted by the consumer. It's time to offer your customers the convenience and process in the way that they want to transact.

Old vs. New

Old – Customer applies for a loan by filling out a paper credit application

New – Customer can complete the credit application themselves using the kiosk or with the dealer


Old – application is submitted using a platform to one lender at a time, and not ever lender automates the approval.

New – application is submitted using the newest technological platform to many lenders at once and all approvals for all consumers must be automated.


Old – All of the negotiations on financing takes time and requires the file to be resubmitted and reviewed manually by the lender

New – The consumer and the dealer can negotiate with the finance company using an instant automated negotiation tool


Old – Once the consumer accepts the loan structure, they need to provide documents to the lender to confirm their identity, income, address and references.

New – The consumer should be able to instantly verify their income, identity, address and references in a matter of minutes.


Old – customer gets paper contracts to sign which they need to remit to the lender and wait for them to receive and verify them

New – Customer gets electronic contracts which they can sign electronically and are instantly verified by the lender once signed


Consumers are demanding more convenience and value. Showing a customer that their time is valuable is crucial in attaining their trust. Give the consumer the process they are looking to make the process easier for them and to maximize their shopping experience. Dealers and lenders have a hard time competing for the consumer, get ahead of the competition by using the platform that consumers are demanding. Access the platform on any computer, tablet or kiosk.

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